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Categories: Dream Interpretation

Course 4 Content
    • the role of “grace” in dream interpretation
    • Biblical expectations concerning interpretation timing
    • what to expect concerning “specific interpretation”
    • what to expect concerning “general interpretation”
    • the role of “faith” in dream interpretation
    • how the age we live in makes interpretation more challenging
    • 4 clues within a dream which bring understanding
    • angels within dreams
    • 2 activities that helps us understand our dreams
    • 9 pathways to making sense of our dreams
    • the main prerequisite of taking dream-based action
    • responsibility concerning prophesy accuracy
    • 3 things to be certain of before taking action on a dream
    • 6 ways to confirm a dream’s commission
    • 5 ways to respond to partial or full supernatural insight
    • 6 assignments that dreams may be urging
    • 6 strategies to use in managing our dreams

You may access FORUM TOPICS from the DISCUSSION TAB in the course home.

  • Alternatively, access FORUM TOPICS via the links within the course which open a new browser tab.
  • For this option, referring to ACTIVITEIS/FORUMS instructions in the course is a must.

Course Currilcum

    • Before You Start‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Getting Started MUSTS‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Course Navigation‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Point Structure & Certification‒ 15 Keys Course 4 00:00:00
    • Common Technical Issues‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Technical Support‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Key 13.1 Lesson 00:12:00
    • Activities/Forums Instructions‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • Key 13.1 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 13.2 Lesson 00:13:00
    • Key 13.2 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 13.3 Lesson 00:07:00
    • Key 13.3 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 14.1 Lesson 00:07:00
    • Key 14.2 Lesson 00:06:00
    • Key 14.3 Lesson 00:14:00
    • Key 14.3 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 15.1 Lesson 00:13:00
    • Key 15.1 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 15.2 Lesson 00:08:00
    • Key 15.2 Activity 00:00:00
    • Key 15.3 Lesson 00:16:00
    • Quiz Instructions‒ All Courses 00:00:00
    • 15 Keys Course 4 Final Quiz 1 Unlimited
    • 15 Keys Course 4 Final Quiz 2 Unlimited
    • 15 Keys Course 4 Final Quiz 3 Unlimited
    • Keys Final Reflection 00:00:00
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 1 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 2 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 3 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 4 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 5 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 6 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 7 Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Submission Unlimited
    • Keys C4 Final Challenge Quiz 8 00:00:00
    • Course Completion‒ 15 Keys: Course 4 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Highly Recommend


    What a great resource for Christians wanting to grow in understanding of dreams. This program is built on the solid Biblical approach to dream interpretation. The course material and examples are from the Bible and the role of the Holy Spirit is an “absolute must” in the interpretation and application of the dream elements. Not only was the material well organized but my instructor was also “reachable.” She responded quickly to questions and gave me the feedback I needed to grow. While she was encouraging, she also let me know when I needed to consider another perspective.

    My advice to anyone considering this course….Look forward to being immersed in wonderful gift of dreams. Not only will this course help you understand how God communicates to us through our dreams but it will also take you “neck deep” in the principles and practice of dream interpretation. Be prepared to take notes and apply what you learn. The first couple of exams are pretty easy to pass… but don’t let them fool you. They grow progressively more challenging and by the end of the course you have to apply the principles you learned to “real” dreams.

    I deeply appreciate having the opportunity to take this course and highly recommend it to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. Wonderful Wrap Up!


    I am thankful for this course, and it is a wonderful conclusion of the lessons. The practice tests and the courses and the instructor explanations are very good for remembrance and practice. I am very thankful to be a part of this!

  3. Excellent course


    I enjoyed taking this course and am especially thankful for the solid biblical foundation adhered to in these courses. The keys are explained/taught in an easy to follow format. The technical support and instructor feedback are excellent! I appreciated the encouragement given and also the tutorial-style feedback from my instructor. I would highly encourage this course to anyone pursuing a deeper understanding of their dreams and dream interpretation.

  4. Truly necessary


    So much manna in this course! Too much to list, but my favorite take-aways: *God is the giver—seek God/Holy Spirit with every interpretation *no person is entitled to receive an interpretation* remain prayerful *there are no shortcuts—follow the process and again, be prayerful throughout *be careful- one misinterpreted symbol may lead to the entire dream being misinterpretation entirely wrong, which can be costly to someone you love *Be patient

    This course is a blessing directly from heaven’s throne; it encourages us to grow and commune with our Lord towards a more intimate relationship. Dr. Lyn is such an authentic soul and a beautiful blessing. I am very grateful to have been privileged to take the course.

    God bless you dreamers 🙂

  5. Practical, challenging and a must have!


    Course 4 tests your understanding of dream interpretation and I can submit that completing the previous three courses without this one is like going to driving school and never driving a car. This is where you deepen your understanding of dream interpretation and I am so excited that I came this far. Thank you Rev Lynmarie for your instruction.