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88 Decoding Exercises for Prophetic Dreamers— Course 1



  • Course One: 5 Dreams, 36 Principles

Regularly $69.95 • Early-Bird Price $39.95‒ 40% OFF



• This 2-course-series was crafted to provide you with a fast-track bringing your interpretation skills to a whole new level.

• You will scrutinize 12 dreams through 88 exercises in order to learn HOW TO THINK when it comes to understanding God-given dreams.

• Additionally, over the course of these dreams and exercises, 70 dream interpretation principles are presented which directly apply to the individual exercises.

• These principles provide guidance on both dream interpretation and dream interpretation ministry, so ministers… this is for you.


Students purchasing this option will receive INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION & FEEDBACK on assignments connected to two of the lessons. Don’t hesitate to purchase Course 2 with MENTORING. The instructor does so many of these that recalling submission details is unfeasible.

For one assignment, students will be unaware of what real-life situation the dream is addressing, and therefore be doing a COLD INTERPRETATION.

• Interpreting a dream “cold” will allow students to perceive the application of the dream without knowing the dream’s real-life background.
• Students will compose a brief GENERAL INTERPRETATION, with a GENERAL COMMISSION that would be used to minister to the dreamer, and submit it.

For the other assignment, students will compose a SPECIFIC INTERPRETATION along with with a SPECIFIC COMMISSION that would minister to the dreamer.

• For this assignment, students will first compose individual interpretations for the two DREAM SCENES dreamed the same night.
• Students will factor in the meanings of the PRIMARY ELEMENTS within these two dreams, and perceive for themselves the meaning of the 2 mystery dream elements (elements with undisclosed meanings).
• Next, students will combine their interpretations blending them together to compose a SINGLE SPECIFIC INTERPRETATION with with a SINGLE SPECIFIC COMMISSION, and submit this.

Finally, students receive INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION & FEEDBACK on both submissions, along with the instructor’s SUGGESTED INTERPRETATIONS and ACTUAL REAL-LIFE OUTCOMES of the dreams.


As you will see in the first course of the series, dream interpretation is both an ART and a SCIENCE. This series focuses on the SCIENCE aspect. Additionally, since we learn better through “experience” than we do by lecture only, using a version of the Socratic method can be a short-cut.

We start by presenting a dream, and asking you a series of questions about it. Out the gate, you’re not expected to get the exercises all right, or even half of them right, and they are not scored. Instead, when you finish the exercises, you go directly to a VIDEO LESSON where the exercises are “sorted out.”

In order to reinforce what you’ve learned, after watching, you’ll see the same exercises offered in scored quizzes where you test your comprehension and memory. This time you are guaranteed to get 100% correct because quiz retakes are unlimited.

88 Decoding Exercises is intended to boost the skills you’ve already built. If you’ve taken 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers, you’ll be building on that foundation. If not, when you DO take it, some things presented here will make more sense.


• Over 6 Hours of video teaching by the instructor
• Main Focus— the dream interpretation process
• Zeros in on the “science” aspect of dream interpretation
• Centers around the step-by-step dissection of dreams
• INSTRUCTOR DISCUSSION VIDEOS for each of the 12 dreams and all 88 interpretation challenges
• 70 INTERPRETATION PRINCIPLES presented within the contexts of specific dream exercises
• Power-point-based instruction
• Unique and exclusive content


• 88 INTERPRETATION EXERCISES centered around 12 dreams
• LEARN BY DOING APPROACH (Socratic Method)— test your perceptiveness, common sense, and thinking skills through PRELIMINARY EXERCISES
• LESSONS are followed by scored REINFORCEMENT QUIZZES with unlimited retakes.
• Post interpretation thoughts on 3 FORUM TOPICS, and respond to the posts of others
• 2 OPPORTUNITIES to be PERSONALLY MENTORED by the Instructor via interpretation ASSIGNMENTS with purchase of Course 2 with Mentoring